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pdf0 Belize Public Service Regulations 2014

Belize Public Service Regulations 2014

Date 2015-12-20 File Size 1.05 MB Download 8,721 Download
pdf1 Employee Assistance Policy for the Belize Public Service 2013


Date 2015-12-20 File Size 657.47 KB Download 2,848 Download
pdf2 What is Employee Assistance Program? - Brochure

What is EAP?

In the broadest sense an EAP is a management support programme that recognizes that there can be extraneous factors that may detract employees from performing their

Date 2016-02-12 Language  English File Size 1.05 MB Download 5,126 Download
pdf3 Dress Code For The Belize Public Service

Over the past decade or so, concerted efforts have been made to preserve the image of our Public Service as an institution that sets the standard for all other institutions in our country—from

Date 2017-01-10 File Size 3.27 MB Download 5,380 Download
zip4 Customer Service Quality Assurance Policies

Learn about the Customer Service Quality Assurance Policies for Ministry of the Public Service.

Date 2020-02-21 Language  English File Size 24.09 KB Download 1,203 Download
pdf5 Telecommuting -Work from Home Policy for the Belize Public Service_
Date 2020-04-16 File Size 316.18 KB Download 4,571 Download
pdf6 Work Process for Function-Services during state of Emergency COVID19
Date 2020-04-16 File Size 979.58 KB Download 4,117 Download
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